Saturday, August 14, 2010


Stars glisten softly overhead
As tired bodies lay to rest
To dream of mystic lands
And let your imagination expand
Showing us things that could be
And memories of the past
Of possibilities and chances
Our deepest and
darkest fears
And the hopes of our heart
For a glimpse of time, these are ours
To see in delight and horror
Until the distant waking hour
We’re at the mercy of our minds
But when we wake from slumber
They vanish from thought
Gone for a time, perhaps forever
Answers we’ll never again know
For in the reaches of time
And in the forgotten dreams
Nothing, is as it seems

Thursday, July 29, 2010


The sun, so bright and so high
The wind, it whispers and sighs
The fallen branches and leaves
Crackle and crunch as I leave
Through a path, unknown
Toward the distant milestone
Breaking through the forest maze
It's hard to avert your gaze
Miles of green, a ribbon of blue
A chance to see the world anew
Birds singing, a magical sound
Flying high above the ground
If only it could last
But it's a thing of the past
No more do we see nature's chance
Nor look to the stars to watch them dance
Now the bitter smoke of cars fill the air
Smog filled skies, block our watching stares

Urban, rural like the sun and moon
Two worlds, the future comes too soon
For now though, it's time to depart
The future paths, written in our heart
Remember life's past, it is our own
Remember, the pain, the world has shown

copywrite Rebecca Lovatt

Life's Light

Can you see the light?
It's shining so ever bright
Spreading love among the land
And bringing a new friend to hand

Light, how can this be night?
The sun and the moon, both so bright
With the moon glistening by the stars
No viewings, could be as great as ours

Every detail, once hidden in the shadow
Now seem to be surrounded by a halo
Another clue to life's riddle
Buried deep within the middle

So bright that it may burn
Life's wheel begins to turn
Spinning a tale of life and death
Each weave, shorter then a breath

copywrite Rebecca Lovatt

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Night's Wonder

The skies lights dimmed
As the sun fell beyond the sea
To bring light to distant lands
And a beginning of another day

The moon climbed into sight
Announcing the come of night
Sitting so round in the sky
A romantic and distant sight

Stars began to dance in the sky
Celebrating the wonders of night
Stars dance of things yet to come
Yet reflect things gone long ago

Yet it all goes for another day
As the sun peaks above the horizon
Spreading light upon the land
Bringing an end to the darkness of night.

copywrite Rebecca Lovatt


It’s something you'll want to see

White as far as you can see

None the same while all alike

A delight like no other

It'll last for way to long

Yet you're always sad to see it go

Slipping, shivering, shoveling

It's all worth it for the sight

Of the light delights of snow

copywrite Rebecca Lovatt

Here, Safety is Free

Deep in the forest, under the trees
A lone flower grows, hoping to be free
Reaching toward the heavens
Embracing the light it sends

Here, safety is free
Life was meant to be
Under the great trees
Guarding natures true beauty

Hidden under the forest's arms
Sheltered against every harm
Sleeping to the song of birds
Pain, is a word unheard.

Here, safety is free
Life was meant to be
Under the great trees
Guarding natures true beauty

Pedals red, like the morning suns ray
Sparkling under the dews spray
Smelling of peace, and light delights
To smell it, is to smell life

Here, safety is free
Life was meant to be
Under the great trees
Guarding natures true beauty

However, not all life is meant to last
All things must come to pass
So with the setting sun
The forest mourns the little one

copywrite Rebecca Lovatt

Monday, July 5, 2010


In a labyrinth of happiness the embers fly.
In the glade of reason the heavens settle.
Drenched in the sea spray of affinity the spirits soothe.
Most precious are these moments of delight which clouds regale.

In loving arms of serenity, the feelings favor.
In the shelter of affinity, the guardians watch.
In quiet moments of tenderness, the leaves bloom.
In the autumn of calmness, the statues whisper.

In humanity, we are blessed with our serenity.
In our existence, we take peace for granted.
Harmony will never cease to subsist.
While love breathes within our hearts.

copywrite Rebecca Lovatt