Thursday, July 29, 2010


The sun, so bright and so high
The wind, it whispers and sighs
The fallen branches and leaves
Crackle and crunch as I leave
Through a path, unknown
Toward the distant milestone
Breaking through the forest maze
It's hard to avert your gaze
Miles of green, a ribbon of blue
A chance to see the world anew
Birds singing, a magical sound
Flying high above the ground
If only it could last
But it's a thing of the past
No more do we see nature's chance
Nor look to the stars to watch them dance
Now the bitter smoke of cars fill the air
Smog filled skies, block our watching stares

Urban, rural like the sun and moon
Two worlds, the future comes too soon
For now though, it's time to depart
The future paths, written in our heart
Remember life's past, it is our own
Remember, the pain, the world has shown

copywrite Rebecca Lovatt


  1. Becca I have been so busy getting all the blogspots on Google Buzz, Yahoo, Messenger and facebook that I haven't been able to comment even though I read everything. Love ya, BDC

  2. Rebecca,
    This is one of the most beautiful poems that I have ever read. You are an accomplished writer.
    If you check out my site please forgive my first two poems of heartbreak. I am in a sad place today and had to put my feelings down. Please browse through some of my other poems when I had a smile instead of drowning in my tears. Say a prayer for me, I have learned to forgive and I probably will once again. I have never expressed the down side of me before, but I needed to unleash the fury and pain out loud.